How To Make Delicious Japanese Sukiyaki At Home

Sukiyaki or shabu- shabu is a meat stew that has an irresistible taste and one of the primary Japanese winter dishes. This meat stew is an ideal dish for winter as it has ingredients that provide nutrients as well as heat to the body. Meat is the main ingredient and beef which is used for this Japanese recipe is renowned as a good source of heat provider and therefore the ideal choice for sukiyaki.

There is a funny Canadian quote which says, “Give me a native dish and I will hate you but give me Sukiyaki and you got a slave for life!” Similarly, Japan cuisine is incomplete without a sukiyaki and tofu another main ingredient used in this dish is world renowned for its nutritional benefits.

With a little effort Japanese Sukiyaki can also be prepared in our homes. So let’s get prepared to set up a kitchen with Japanese kitchen tools that is essential for preparing this dish. Experts are of the opinion that it is advisable to cook it on an electric frying pan than a wok because the ingredients stay separate. Of course, a good cutting pad and a sharp knife are the other relevant tools for the kitchen.

Some of the ingredients that are needed are:

Thinly sliced beef strips – 1 can

Soy sauce -1/3

Dry sherry -1/4 cup

Brown sugar, powdered ginger – ¼ cup

Eggs -2

Chinese cabbage- few big shreds

Shiitake mushrooms- 5 to 6 – cut in a manner that shows a star symbol at the top!

Tofu {seared and firm}

Negi-welsh onion -2 thinly sliced

Shungiku- {edible and fresh chrysanthemum}

Sukiyaki sauce ingredients:

100ml sake

50 ml Mirin-{sweet rice wine}

Japanese cooking does not take too much time as the ingredients are not cooked for long since they there are chances to lose their nutritional values.  The procedures that has to followed is

The thinly stripped beef should be marinated using soy sauce, dry sherry; sugar and ginger combo paste so that it cooks fast and also absorbs all the flavors of the sauces.

Firstly the sauce or the stew should be made by boiling water, ¼ cup of soya sauce, Mirin sauce, sake and sugar.  Let it boil for some minutes so that the alcohol content is removed.

Then a frying pan should be taken and butter added and the thin strips of beef should be sautéed on both the sides till it is cooked. The brown sugar and ginger is added to give the meat a brownish tint and a sweet and sour flavor.

The rest of the ingredients should be added to the pan for example ,  tofu, which is cut into small cubes , the Chinese cabbage, Negi , shiitake mushrooms , Shungiku , etc. This is further seasoned by pouring the sukiyaki sauce and allowed to simmer till the flavors enter the meat and the vegetables.

The Japanese take care to section each ingredient in the round frying pan and they are not allowed to topple or mix up. Japanese eat sukiyaki mixing it with raw eggs by using their chopsticks.

The Japanese etiquette makes them thank for the meal eaten even in a restaurant by saying “gochisosama deshita” which means “thank you for the meal”



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